"Everything you experience out there, both physically and

emotionally, becomes part of the painting."

About Olive 

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Passionate and prolific artist, Olive Farrell, grew up in Kilkenny, Ireland - a place of wild beauty. Best know for her landscapes capturing glowing light, Olive is an avid 'Plein Air' painter... 

Olive draws much of her visual stimulation from the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York which reminds her of her childhood home, in Kilkenny, Ireland. She draws her emotional inspiration from within.  She is a passionate and prolific painter using both the brush and pallet knife with dynamic colors creating texture, interest and depth in her paintings.

"Painting plein air is my passion, when painting on location everything you experience out there both physically and emotionally becomes a part of the Painting"

New York and St. Petersburg, Florida
+1 (518) 291 2872